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Zendesk Integration "Load Error"

Mel Abdo 1 month ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 5 days ago 18



The Zendesk integration extension has stopped working with a load error and the attached error. Is there anything we can do to fix this? Version 21.4.2455.7731. 

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Hi Mel, 

What version of the extension do you have installed? 



It is version 1.4.5.


we are also experiencing same issue. 


Version 1.5

Framework 2.0 

I am getting the error as well


We're receiving the same error. 


Hi All - We're QA'ing the fix for this extension and hope to have it out late this week or early next week! 


We're past your original ETA.  You have any news for us?


Any news on this? We're unable to link sessions to Zendesk tickets because of this.


This integration is still broken.

And still no update. It's a good thing communication is not important....


Its ridiculous. We should at this point start tweeting them too. Are you guys aware that if you need to remote into tablets, even after the end user consents, it does not connect. The "workaround" is to enable "HostSessionWithoutConsent" as per their customer representatives. As if security is not a concern for them. It's bizarre!


They said:

Hi All - We're QA'ing the fix for this extension and hope to have it out late this week or early next week!

Then silence....


This is severely impacting the workflow for our agents. Please fix this regression as soon as possible, thank you.

This is still broken, no ETA on a fix and we are now looking into a different service if this is not fixed soon

We have released an updated extension for Zendesk, version 1.4.6.
Can you please verify you are running this version, and if so and are still having the issue please reply here.