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Missing Security tab. After unauthorized user detected, password was reset, no verification code sent.

CW Admin 1 month ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 1 month ago 1

The Security Page does not display on the web portal on the Admin Tab.

Using the free version: 21.3.2160.7699

After an unauthorized login, there was an email that referred to this page : (received before I woke up today)


The start button brings us here :


And references this page :


The Security tab does not appear, but I also am the only user that should be using the account.

The ConnectWise password was changed yesterday, and I forced a 0 days "Trust this device" Duration after I had found unauthorized users in the audit logs. 

Two-factor authentication was active, but previously with 30 days to "Trust this device".

There was also no ConnectWise Control Login Verification codes sent to my email during the unauthorized login. The audit logs display logins to one of the computers in the access list. The password and trust the device settings were changed prior to this login.

I want to ensure that unauthorized users are not able to connect to the saved computers, and the above mentioned points have all been done (as suggested), but a user was able to get in without a Verification Code and with a modified password.


CW Admin.

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Hi CW Admin,

We encourage you to reach out to Support as soon as possible if you feel your account or instance may have been compromised. The Support team can help you investigate further.