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v21.3 update breaks SMTP settings — trigger emails not being sent

Simon (Annet) 1 week ago 0

I have the Advanced SMTP Settings extension set up so that emails (e.g. for triggers) are sent via a mail server of my choosing.

Things were working fine — until today. Our cloud instance was updated automatically to v21.3.

Now, the emails are not being sent at all. I'm not receiving the usual emails notifying me of connection events.

I double-checked my diagnosis by rolling back my instance to yesterday's snapshot, when it was still on v21.2.

And voilà, the emails are being sent out properly, no hitches.

So this is definitely a bug that was introduced with the new v21.3.

When I try to send a test email on v21.3, I get the following error: "Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.1 <my@email.address>... Command rejected"

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