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Outdated Agents won't update.

Michael Phillips 9 months ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 8 months ago 16

Clients running 20.12.1734.7640 will not update to 21.2.2092.7689 It says queued to install, but will not. I've been having to do them manually. This is on all windows machines.

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Waiting for information

Hi Michael Phillips,

Please upgrade the server to 21.2.2159 and then try installing the agents. Let us know the result.

Waiting for information

Hi Michael Phillips,

Please upgrade the server to 21.2.2159 and then try installing the agents. Let us know the result.

We are cloud hosted.


Seeing the same issue on the latest 21.2.2159.7699 release (and on the previous release as well), a bunch of clients will update, and then updates will stop working, until I restart the services on the server.

Any resolutions?


Same here updates are stalled. 2/3 of Unattended got updated though

on the latest 21.2.2159.7699 release

Same here, about 95% of our 2000+ guests are stuck on 20.13.xxx vs the 21.2.2159 our server is currently running. Host's arent being prompted to upgrade their clients either, not sure if that's related.


We found out that restarting the Session Manager service on the Screenconnect host server mitigate the problem, for some time. After that we are able to update guests but eventually, it fails again. We had to restart the Session manager (which restarts all services) 4 to 5 times to get through.

Somehow, the updater queue is stuck when it encounters a specific unknown condition. 

@Rishikesh Gajul : Any updates on this ? 

Hi Francis Lessard,

This is to inform that a defect has been registered and we are actively working towards fixing the issue. I cannot provide you an exact ETA on when a fix will be implemented.
Also, please let us know the OS of your server if you are on prem, the exact control version you are using and any other details related to the issue which may help us.

We are using 

On premise - WIndows server 2019

I see a new update 21.3.2160.7699 this morning... will that help ?


Thanks for the information.

At present, we are still actively investigating the issue. I would suggest you to wait until next update.

Before seeing your comment, I went ahead and installed 21.3.2160.7699. Issue still still but previous workaround (Restart session manager service) mitigate the issue for some time.

We are cloud hosted Clients running 20.12.1734.7640

I'd like to add to this, as I am assuming installing new machines with Agents falls under the same category as current agents can't update.  We have 3 new laptops, when we download the Agent Installer, the first attempt to install, States the Install Failed prematurely.  The second attempt advises it is installed, but never connects back to the cloud, nor does the Connectwise icons appear in the Task Bar.  The service is running though.  When we try a repair, it states the Agent is installed correctly, and there is nothing to repair.

We are currently on Cloud Server - v21.0.27 (Patch 1)

Looking forward to a fix.

We're having the same issue. On Prem. Server 2016.

We updated Control to 21.3.2160.7699.

Our agents are 20.11.1479.7606

Seeing the same issue with our On Prem. instance. Our CWC "Server" box is Windows 10.

Just thought I'd mention this, since most other people seem to be on a version of Windows Server.


I'm having the same issue with Cloud hosted v. 21.3.2160.7699. Reinstall works for about a quarter of the agents, and then doesn't update anything else. 

Known issue

Hi All,

We are actively working on this issue. Currently, we do not have an ETA for this but hoping to have resolved asap. 

Appreciate your patience.

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