In Admin / Appearance the web and client resources are not visible in Safari (cloud version)

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In Safari (14.0.2) the Admin / Appearance / Web and Client Resources panels are not visible in the cloud version (21.1.2091.7689) of ConnectWise Control. 

Done some research with the Browser's element inspector and found out the misuse of the display style attribute with flex elements.

In Default.css the ".OuterPanel .MainPanel .DetailPanel .AdministrationPanel .AdministrationContentPanel" definition should contain the "display: flex;" attribute and the ".OuterPanel .MainPanel .DetailPanel .AdministrationPanel .AdministrationContentPanel .AppearanceList" definition should not contain the "height: 100%;" attribute. After runtime modification of the styles, both of the panels appear in Safari and dynamically resizes if the window height changes. 

With this changes in Chrome (88.0.4324.96) the pages works the same as before and both of the panels show up properly. Probably this browser is the source of the problem to blame because it looks that it turns flex mode automatically on elements when certain attributes present in a css definition which is tricking the web developer out. The first css definition has some flex attributes present without "display" attribute.

Please fix the problem in the Cloud version!

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This was fixed in 21.9. 

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