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Cloud instances no longer hosted on AWS

Simon 9 months ago updated 9 months ago 0

Until now, cloud instances have been hosted on AWS but today I received emails notification of IP address change to ones that I didn't recognise, so I decided to look them up.

As I suspected, the IP addresses didn't belong to AWS but rather to OVH, a cloud computing company based in France. 

After some testing, I found that when the Desired Location is set to anywhere in Europe or Asia-Pacific, the instances are hosted on OVH.

The US and Canada still use AWS — for now.

This affects me greatly, as my instances were located in AWS Tokyo region, but since OVH doesn't have a data centre in Japan, they have now been moved to Singapore.

Now, I don't expect many of our customers to react positively to data being stored outside of their country's jurisdiction.

Nor do I expect them to be happy about the increased latency of their connections (I did a traceroute — it has increased tenfold).

Remote working is frustrating for many as it is, but slower connections and response will surely make it even more frustrating.

I wish ConnectWise had at least notified their partners of this decision well before implementing it, especially those who have been affected by this decision (i.e. those in Europe and Asia-Pacific).

I would very much like to have the option to host the instances in AWS Tokyo region as before, when the Desired Location is set to Japan.

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