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Can't download Bridge Installer on v20.13.1861.7653

Simon (Annet) 4 weeks ago updated 1 week ago 3

On v20.13.1861.7653, the "Download Bridge Installer" link no longer works — clicking on it throws an error (see below).

I can't use the extension at all because of this. Please fix!

P.S. Just tried the new version 20.13.1892.7656 and the bug is still there.

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I checked the error on my on-premises installation and it's a compilation error at line 29 of Download.ashx.

Error message: 'ServerExtensions' does not contain a definition for 'GetWindowsClientIcons'

The offending line 29: var pngIconsBySize = ServerExtensions.GetWindowsClientIcons();

I just tested the new stable version, v20.13.1905.7657, and the bug still exists. I can't download the Bridge service installer and it throws the same compilation error as before.

Upgraded to the newly released stable version, 21.1.2009.7678.

It's still not possible to download the Bridge service installer. The same error.

Please, please, please release a truly stable version.