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macOS freezes after changing date and time during connection

Simon 10 months ago updated 10 months ago 0


A software developer testing whether the app's license validation mechanism is working properly by temporarily adjusting the date and time of the machine to the some time in the future.


Testing on a macOS Big Sur device (iMac). Changed the date and time and clicked save, at which point the connection suddenly drops for like a second then reconnects, but the screen is no longer refreshing and looks frozen.

Now, if you close the host client and join the session again from the host page, usually everything goes back to normal.

But not always. Sometimes the connection drops but never recovers, the device showing up as offline on the host page. When you physically go and check the guest client status on the macOS device, the error message says "Socket closed" and the connected time field shows  "???" and the error persists even when I manually restart the service. So you have to restart the machine itself for the service to start working again.

As long as this bug exists, people in QA can't test the software on macOS devices while working remotely...

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