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first option not launching when given a code

sales 8 months ago updated by Scott 8 months ago 3

When my clients go to my page i give them the code and they hit the arrow but the first option just says waiting to connect in the bottom left corner. I have tried this on over 15 computers offsite and onsite. If they click try next option it works. Any ideas on how this can be fixed? version 20.13.1633.7620 on the site. It's a free account

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Thanks for letting us know.  This is a known issue with 20.13 and should be fixed soon.  Unfortunately I don't have an exact ETA on when a fix will be found and implemented but we realize the high impact and thus it is a high priority.

do people who have paid for the product have the same issue or is this just the free version?

this issue is not specifically related to users with the free license tier.  For Control users with a free license, they are automatically included in our pre-release build release channel in order to help us find issues before they make it into the stable version. 

This particular issue is unique solely to the pre-release build on which free users are currently operating.