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Services terminating unexpectedly in v20.11.1622.7619 with Router service

Simon 11 months ago updated 11 months ago 2

As mentioned in the Output Stream entry for this version, the bug "Router service on-prem doesn't forward traffic" was indeed fixed.

But, in addition to the issue I've detailed here which requires you to edit the web.config file before the router service can start working again, I've also noticed that all the ScreenConnect services (Web Server, Relay, Session Manager and Router) terminate unexpectedly after a while when a router service is configured.

Also, a look at the Event Viewer shows that the Router service is always the first to terminate, with the other services following soon thereafter.

I did some testing and I've confirmed that when the Router service is stopped, the remaining three services run just fine. So it has to be the Router service that is the source of whatever bug is causing all services to fail.

Due to this bug, my server crashes at least once a day. Until it's fixed, the Router service is still pretty much unusable.

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Hi Simon! 

Do you happen to have a stack trace for this? Would be very helpful for troubleshooting. 



Here's the Event Viewer log.