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Missing screen refresh after CTRL-ALT-DEL

Jerry-BAE Networks 5 months ago updated 5 months ago 2

I’m on the latest version of Control (onprem instance) and I’ve had an annoying problem (very hard to reproduce) for quite a few months and many versions. When we connect to a Windows Server (2012 and above) and click the Send Ctrl-Alt-Del, nothing happens until I slightly resize the screen, then the login screen shows up. Many times, after the login creds are entered, the screen doesn’t update until a screen resize as well. Also, after 'waking up' the server screen, that particular server will be fine across several connects/disconnects but after some amount of time it goes back to semi-sleep.  Multiple techs connecting to multiple servers convinces me that it’s not relegated to a single server or tech. All hosts and guests are at current version. Any ideas?

Thanks, Jerry

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Hi Jerry, please contact Support team for the troubleshooting. You can click below link to contact them:


I've got this ticket opened:

Service Ticket#13966541/baenetworks/Connectwise control CTRL+ALT+Delete not working