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Connectwise Web Console page doesn't update after upgrade to 20.11

Karama 10 months ago updated by CFB Computers 9 months ago 6

Since upgrading to 20.11 the web console page doesn't update.  For example I will restart a computer/guest, it will change to offline then will not show it coming back online unless i refresh the web page.  This is happening on all three computers that i use to access ConnectWise.  At first i thought that the Connectwise service wasn't coming back online (which is a problem when a computer comes out of hibernation, i posted the issue in a separate topic).  But no, it's not updating the page.  This is manifesting itself in other ways as well like when a new computer is added to a group it won't appear until i refresh the page. 

And no this isn't due to inactivity on the page.  This is happening while i am actively using the ConnectWise Console.  

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And i checked with my employee and he is having same problem and he uses it on 2 computers so this isn't a computer problem or web browser problem or problem on my network.  

I have encountered the same exact issue with 20.11 and 20.12.1373.7584_Debug.

I am not able to "run commands" or "reinstall agents"

Tasks remain queued and don't ever finish.

I have just reverted back to 20.10.957.7556 as per support recommendation.

Curious, were you having a problem with the pop up window after connecting to a comnputer, did it stay open forcing you to close it everytime?  If yes did the pop up window close after a successful connection after going back to 20.10.  I have multiple reported bugs for 20.11 and that is one of them

I am having this problem with the window not closing when connecting to a computer in 20.11, I have to manually close it despite successfully opening the remote control window. It is WAY more frequent in Firefox compared to Edge or Chrome. 

Did you restore a snapshot?  Did you then have to reinstall the clients for all the remote machines?