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Drag and Drop MacOS Host appears to be broken.

TomC 1 year ago 0

I know this use to work (sometime between the transition from the 19. to the 20. versions).

I can not Drag and Drop from a Windows Guest to a MacOS Host

I can not Copy and Paste a file from a Windows Guest to a MacOS Host


I can Copy and Paste a file from a MacOS Host to a Windows Guest.

(Note: Copy and pasting selected text works fine either way)

This use to work between any Guest and any Host.

BTW Im actually on Control version 20.11 (Self Hosted) now, that wasn't an option in the selection on the form.  This behavior was also in 20.10/9 and the previous several stable versions.

Im thinking it may be an application security/permissions issue for the host client on MacOS (the host client may need to ask for admin permission to interact with the file system; like the Guest Client asks for permission when installed).

MacOS Catalina 10.15.7

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