join session pop up doesn't cllose automatically after successful connection

Karama 1 year ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 3 months ago 16

So since upgrade to 20.11 every time i connect to a guest session the initial pop up window stays open even after a successful joining of the session.  This wasn't a problem before.  It's happening on all 3 computers that i use ConnectWise on.  I use FireFox although what browser i use should not be the issue since it wasn't a problem in 20.10.  So every time i have to close the pop up window before i can click on another computer to connect to.

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Same here, way more common on Firefox and multiple computers tested - upgraded to 20.12 and still seeing it.  Self hosted. 

Actually it may only be on Firefox, I switched to Edge for a couple days last week to see if that (and the queued issue) was happening and it was definitely less frequent.  Could very well be it didn't happen at all, don't remember.  

Further testing for me it's definitely only Firefox where this is happening.  Tested Chrome and Edge for long periods of time and they never had the issue. Used multiple Win10 machines when testing, in all cases only FF with the issue. 

Here's a screenshot in Firefox on Windows 10 Pro showing the message.  You can hit X and everything is normal, this only happens with Firefox.  The remote window does pop up, but it gets REAL annoying to have to hit this X dozens of times a day. 

Same issue, here.

Thanks for the report, this issue has been replicated and registered as a defect.

Just updated from v20.10.957 to v20.12.1734 because v20.12 is now supposedly a stable release . This issue still exists! Someone else reported this same issue (https://control.product.connectwise.com/en/communities/6/topics/3369-joining-session-popup-does-not-dissapear) only to be told by Rishikesh Gajul that it's not a bug and marked the bug report as such.

If it's not an introduced bug, then how can you explain that the issue only occurs with versions above 20.10.957? Did you test using multiple browsers, Rishikesh Gajul?

It's been 4 weeks now since they confirmed the bug here, every release I update hoping they fix this issue on Firefox and they haven't.  I too am on 20.12.1734.7639 and the issue persists, I've given up and use Edge now and never have the issue. Not ideal, but it's clear this issue isn't a priority for a fix and I have to work so I've moved on...

Just to follow up, while this issue is indeed registered as a defect, we have not been able to implement a fix quite yet.

The issue is still in the development queue and I will bump it's priority on behalf of you folks in this thread.

Thank you for the follow up Scott, much appreciated.  I can wait it out as like I said Edge works just fine for me.  

Not a solution, but worth noting that the dialog can be dismissed with the Esc key, which might make it easier to deal with for anyone who wasn't aware of that

Use F5 instead. Using the Esc key will not refresh/update the page to show who you are connected to.

Issue still exists with Screenconnect 21.2.2092.7689 and Firefox 85.0.2 (64-Bit)

4 months later, any update on this?   Lots of us techie folks use Firefox, should would be nice if we could go back to it.  

Update - the fix for this is now part of the Output Stream for 21.4.2399 - so when 21.4 goes stable this should no longer be an issue. Thanks for getting it squared away SC team

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