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Agent upgrade fails, Windows log contains "Application SID does not match Conductor SID"

Brett Werner 1 year ago 0


Occasionally, we have install issues with the Screen Connect agent, following upgrade.


- We use Screen Connect for unattended access.

- We include a SC msi installer in our PC image, and then run the install on first setup.

- We cannot make a new Windows image every week (impractical), so our image has an older agent version. Currently it is 19.3.

- On first use, we do update SC to whatever is the current version. We do this via the Screen Connect web portal. This usually works just fine.

- Now and then, we find that an updated client cannot connect.

- We do not yet know why, but when we can get a technician to attend (very challenging in our situation) we have found that (sometimes) using Repair (from the installer msi context menu) resolves the problem, and sometimes we need to fully uninstall/remove.

Here is an example from today.

The installed agent was 19.3. When it connected to the cloud it downloaded and installed 20.3. We could not access the PC remotely afterwards. Luckily, a technician was handy.

Right-clicking the installer msi, and choosing "Repair"...

Then, trying "Install":

So the agent is not installed, but a newer version is installed. Huh?

That sounds like the install is in a funky state?

The Windows Application Event Log contains "ScreenConnect.WindowsClient.exe' .. cannot be restarted - Application SID does not match Conductor SID". Maybe this is relevant?

The message appears to be permissions related. We do have elevated permissions although I am not sure they are needed, and you would think a permissions issue would be consistent (always an issue).

I hope someone can shed some light on this.


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