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Poor Performance in 20.9 and 20.10

James Pulver 10 months ago updated by Karama 10 months ago 1

Performance since 20.1 has been much slower to Windows 10 computers in High quality. It used to be very very fast, such that we could operate as if we were actually there. Now, dragging windows around the screen is noticably laggy and the windows redraw 3 times before getting to where you move them. The login screen on Windows 10 when clicking to get to the password window also redraws over several seconds... You can especially see the issue running a Chrome browser and trying to drag it across the screen.

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I agree, it makes no difference which computer i am using ConnectWise on, how fast my internet is, how fast the guest internet is or how good a computer it is.  I have noticed the performance degradation for a while now