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Outlook Add-in Broken

Marshall Rownd 5 months ago updated by Jason Voigtschild 3 months ago 1

I tried to enable the creation of Support/Meeting Sessions with the Outlook Add-in. Followed the directions exactly as laid out in the documentation and when i go to use the plugin it gives me an error stating that the session could not be created.

Open a ticket with support. After some back and forth they finally tell me its a Known Issue Bug in the latest updates.

"Thanks for reaching out to Control Support. I do apologize as we do have a known bug with this extension and the most recent updates.

Development Ticket: SCE-1482

Outlook Add On broken"

I asked to be tagged on the issue so i could be notified when the issue is fixed and they tell me they can't do that and i have to post a bug report here? Color me confused.

Server Version: 20.8.29574.7520
Plugin is the latest as i just installed it yesterday from the Extensions Marketplace.

ConnectWise Control Version:
Server Affected:
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Guest Client Affected:

2 months later and the problem is still occurring. You would think a fix would be in place by now.