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Link for sc.tar.gz file is broken due to redirect

Welz 1 year ago updated by Joshua Zukerman 1 year ago 1

I'm trying to configure an on premise installation on linux following the directions here.

There is supposed to be a file called `sc.tar.gz` which downloads from the following link


Due to the redirect it seems that file is no longer downloadable.

Please let me know where I can obtain the file from.

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At the bottom of that page, the latest stable on-premise Linux release is 20.1.

Full link if you can't see that: https://d1kuyuqowve5id.cloudfront.net/ScreenConnect_20.1.29489.7513_Release.tar.gz

Download that file manually on your linux box:

$ curl -O -J -L https://d1kuyuqowve5id.cloudfront.net/ScreenConnect_20.1.29489.7513_Release.tar.gz

Or lynx if you have that installed.

Linux version is held back several versions due to issues with Mono. See the bug report here: https://control.product.connectwise.com/communities/6/topics/2798-portal-not-responding