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Screen not updating and other connection issues

SJC IT 9 months ago updated by Karama 7 months ago 3

I have always used ScreenConnect across some very poor internet connections (like buggy 1Mb/500Kb from 10,000 miles away) and it has been generally reliable with only a few glitches here and there.

However, as of late I have had very bad problems with those connections and also some where both parties have 1Gb internet.

I get blank, black screens at login that do not update unless I send ctrl-alt-dlt and then close and reopen the connection. Even then, sometimes I get no update unless I reboot the guest.

This happens with Win10/7 and Server 2008/12/16/19 guests, and multiple host machines.

Typically, once I am in everything works

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I think I have the same problem. I connect, hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE and can't the screen update it but can type the password (without seeing the screen)... then the screen magically refreshes. Sometimes I connect, disconnect and reconnect for the password screen to show. Seems to affect Windows 10/2016/2018... 

Self-hosted, Windows 2016

Weird problem.

Hi Mike, 

Are you also on version 20.9 of Control?

So does the guest computer have a monitor connected to it?  Because this happens to me when the guest computer doens't have a monitor and it's really frustrating.  Please Fix ConnectWise.