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Fix ScreenConnect so works with SSL/TLS Inspection

Bob McNally 1 year ago 0

ScreenConnect does not work with firewalls doing SSL/TLS inspection where url or fqdn whitelisting is not possible.This is detailed in: https://community.sophos.com/products/xg-firewall/sfos-eap/sfos-v18-early-access-program/f/feedback-and-issues/116848/bug---ssl-tls-inspection-breaking-connectwise-screenconnect#pi2151=2

I have clients using outsourced firewall (not Sophos) that are unable to keep ScreenConnect sessions running unless they constantly modify the current IP address that ScreenConnect is connecting to. It is difficult to support these clients as my remote access keeps getting disconnected and I need to have the firewall vendor change IP address. They are tired of my constant requests to modify the IP address. Also if disconnect occurs over a weekend I need to wait until Monday to get the firewall change done. This drastically impacts work that needs to be done when clients are closed over the weekend.

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