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Linux Access Client bug - does find on /home

James Pulver 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 1

More testing on the Linux Access client is unnecessarily doing a find on /home leading to it failing if root squash is done for /home. This find is completely spurious - if we change the home directory path and make /home blank, the access client works fine. So we'd like to suggest a new release of the linux access client that removes this find command that is unnecessary for it to work and breaks functioning if /home is on NFS and root is squashed.

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It’s unreasonable to crawl /home/, as any modest organization will have hundreds if not thousands of home directories. We have 3,646. Please remove the "find /home -maxdepth 2“ from your setup.
- As already noted, any modest organization will have home directories mounted via NFS with root squashed, so ~/.Xauthority files shouldn’t be relied on.
- It seems like we really only care about the geometry of the user currently logged in and using the physical display? In which case, we can use gdm's auth files (at least where gdm is in use)? So in addition to removing "find /home -maxdepth 2”, I would update the “ps -eo cmd” chain to look for vt1 like "ps -eo cmd | grep -oe '-aut[h] .*' | grep vt1”