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Version 20.6 / Groups not saved and reverts to original installed group

NAW 1 year ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 1 year ago 4


On version 20.6 (latest today) we note that the groups the connectwise control Access session was originally installed for are reverting after a period of time.

If you change them to another company group, it will not retain this information.   Only a full reinstall of the client works to fix this.

Can this be fixed?  Or is it fixed in 20.7?

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Those should only change upon a reinstall. When you say "another company group", are you referring to custom property 1 (which is named "Company" by default)? Are you using any extensions or integrations that might be reinstalling the client with different custom property values?

Hi Eric

Yes, custom property one.  

We use Automate plugin,but always have, including syncing.  However this problem is new.  


I'm not seeing the same behavior on my 20.6 instance, but I'm not set up with Automate either. It doesn't appear to be a Control bug, though. I'd contact support for some hands-on troubleshooting.