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I am connected multiple times to a single computer at the same time

Paul Edward Bernardo 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 1

When I am connected to a computer, the banner shows that I am controlling the computer but at times it will show my name 2 or more times.  Here is an example:

I'm using the web Control Center v.2020.4

What is more troubling is that these "other" me are left controlling the guest computer even when I've disconnected.  So I make sure to disconnect these first before I finally disconnect myself.  Is it only me or are there others having this issue.  I can't see it reported yet.

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It is still happening. Also, there are times that I'm already disconnected from the guest but after a while I will again get connected without me knowing.  I will be informed by the guest client that I'm back controlling their computer, but I'm not.  Whenever this happens the guest says that the mouse will randomly move or will randomly type in characters.   This is really worrisome.  Please help.