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Employee connection to VMware Host machine ends when Mac OS Guest connects to VMware session

Andy Paz 1 year ago 0


My organization has encountered a very strange issue that somehow is causing employees to lose connection to their company VDI when connecting to Mac OS guests (customers) also connect to their company VDI.

I have been able to reproduce this very easily on an up-to-date Mac OS machine.

This connection works fine:
Employee (personal PC) -> Host machine (company VDI, Win 10) -> Customer/Guest (Mac OS)

As soon as the customer opens a Horizon VMware session, the Employee to Host machine connection drops:
Employee (personal PC) --X-- Host machine (company VDI, Win 10) -> Customer/Guest (Mac OS) -> Customer VMware session

The customer end of the session remains active, and so long as the session is open the employee cannot reconnect to their company VDI. They are forced to do one of the following to continue work:

  • Use a personal machine to end the Control session (not always available)
  • Wait for the customer to end the session (may not happen)
  • Reset their machine, losing any unsaved work (most common)

Please let me know if I can provide any further information.


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