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"Unjoined" when I try to print at home

Ed Deiaco-Lohr 1 year ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 1 year ago 0

Our company just started using ConnectWise. I

have both an Epson 860 inkjet and a Canon 634c color laser at home. I

searched the web to find the solution as to adding the driver manually

for those printers on my Office machine. I did so, and when I tried to

print, it kicks me out to the Login Join screen. When I log back in,

and active printers again, the driver has been replaced With the MS XPS

generic diver again. My IT tells me to print PDF, save in our project directory, transfer to the send

drive and print from there. That is NOT a solution.

The forum shows several people have this problem.  What is the solution?

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