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End-Users assume they are connecting. Change "Joining your session.." to "Follow these steps to join your session"

Patrick Gillock 2 years ago updated by Eric Davis 2 years ago 2

When a customer of ours connects to a support session by visiting our URL or clicking a link, they often do not run the downloaded file.

The reason for this is that many of our customers see the following message and assume that their computer is now joining the session.

Now, the instructions clearly show how to run the download, but the majority of inexperienced end-users will read "Joining your session.." and assume they are done.

I propose changing the wording of this line to "Follow these steps to join your session.." which would indicate that further action is needed.

I wouldn't take the time to get an account created here just to submit this request if it wasn't part of my daily routine to remind users to follow the instructions.

My hope is that the wording is changed to clearly indicate that to the user that the steps pictured below need to be followed in order for the session to be joined.

Thank you.

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I believe you can edit a resource string for this:

Administration / Appearance / Web Resources / JoinPanel.Launcher.JoiningText

I also wouldn't consider this a bug, but more of an FR. (And some improvements to the session joining experience are currently being considered.)

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