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Blank/Grey screen when connecting to guest

Ben W 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 0

Since we've come back from the Easter bank holiday 13/04/20, we have been unable to connect to the majority of our access guests. When connecting to the guests the client opens, however all you see is a grey screen and the guest device does not get a prompt for consent. Similarly when looking at the messages sent/received under info you can see it's not going up. All of our clients are on Windows 10 Enterprise 1809.

This can be resolved by doing the following:

  • Removing and re-installing the client of the same version.
  • Sometimes a reboot will get the client working again.

We have ruled the network/AV out of this as it worked previously, a reinstall restores functionality and also our users are currently on different WAN connections due to COVID-19.

The client version with the issue seems to be 20.2.27450.7387. We have logged a ticket for this already (#13240726).

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