Popout panel no longer correctly rendered in v20.4

Simon 2 years ago updated by Eric Davis 1 year ago 4

I have the extension "Advanced SMTP Settings" installed on my instance. This extension adds a popout panel to the Mail page with a link to the advanced settings, as can be seen in the screenshot below:

However, I've noticed that in v20.4 (to be precise, 20.4.27797.7403) the popout no longer appears:

It's not just the "Advanced SMTP Settings" extension that's affected by this bug, but other extensions that add the popout panel too, like "Download Audit Log as CSV".

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Re: Advanced SMTP Settings, since I can't open the advanced settings page from the popout panel, I tried opening it from the link in the user icon menu, but I was shown a runtime error page instead. The extension itself seems to be broken with v20.4 (and v20.5 too).


Got behind on this one, but it is in review now. (Was a fairly involved rewrite.)