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Host generated support session from Zendesk and was joined to wrong customer

Kathryn 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

One of our support agents has had two incidents where they generated a support session from a Zendesk ticket and were paired with the wrong customer when joining the meeting.  Our support agent was joined as the host but there was already a guest in the session.  It was not the intended guest.  This morning the support agent had not realized it was the wrong guest when the support agent opened the guest's chrome browser and they promptly closed it again. 

The sessions where the agent is joined to an unknown guest do not get posted to the Zendesk ticket.  Both times after this happened the agent generated another session and everything worked as expected.

Any information on how to prevent this from reoccurring would be valued!

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Hi Kathryn, 

To help us troubleshoot, what version of the extension are you using? 

Hi Caitlin, 

The Zendesk Integration extension version is 1.4.1.