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Linux Install - Server Administration Missing

Craig Kibodeaux 1 year ago updated by Jesto 1 year ago 6

On a Linux install with the latest available version I have the default admin account and a user account with all permissions. I have logged in with both accounts and the ability to access the security settings in the admin panel is missing. Also right clicking on sessions does not present the full options that the user has permissions to do. On the previous version this was a problem as well, but a log out and back in brought the settings back. Now it will not come back.

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Turned on a virtual machine with MS Windows 10 and used MS Edge to open site and the security roles are recognized again in both the virtual machine Edge browser and the Linux Firefox browser. I'll post again if the menu disappears.

It started happening again. Now even using MS Edge doesn't work to recognize security roles.

Same issue here. Linux install too (trie with 3 latest versions).

When one happens (security missing) the other happens too (missing right clic options).

I've found that going to admin settings and checking for extension updates brings the functions back for a while.

I guess it was coincidence; it's not working for me

Security missing :

Right clic missing :