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CW Control Remote Printing: Brother DCP-7060D Fails to Redirect

Justin Brake 2 years ago 0

CW Control Remote Print security and permissions are working for all other clients - appears user-specific or isolated issue. This is the first Brother printer we've come across and wanted to qualify if Brother Devices have any known issues.

CW Control - Remote Workplace Setup and connection established:

Home System - Windows 10 Home 1909 OS Build: 18363.720

Home Printer - Brother DCP-7060D

Office System - Windows 10 Enterprise 1909 OS Build: 18363.720

Initial Observations:  Once Remote Print was activated the only device that appeared was the default Windows 10 Fax device.  Print to XPS, Print to PDF, OneNote devices didn't appear on the remote system. Toggle on/off Remote Print and only the fax would redirect.

Initial Testing: Removed all Printer devices, including the Brother.  Added only the Brother back expecting perhaps the redirect toggle was getting stuck on another device and failed to attempt any others at that point.  I decided to test adding an LPT1 - HP Generic PCL6 driver device.  Toggled Remote Print and it redirected, but the only one to appeared.

ConnectWise Control Version:
Server Affected:
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