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LogoPanel.Heading Text Wrapping

FAB-ITRescue 2 years ago updated 1 year ago 1

Even the Default Text Wraps Ugly instead of staying in the Head Box as before!

The New Style Sheets for the Themes seem to be a nightmare.

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Sorry for the delay in responding - I've not received any notifications on this post.

The screenshots below detail various customisations, which should:

1) Change the Logo Panel Header Text & display correctly - It used to previous versions

   a) The Layout is wrong wrapping text for some reason.

   b) The Text Colour is invisible (invisible on Light themes too) 

2) When changed to a custom picture, should link to my own URL.

Further - "Extras" = stupid name, needs to be customisable.  The Extras icon is literally indescribable!  "Over at the top right of the screen you are looking for 4 squares.  2 of them have a 3rd sat on top of them & there's a 4th off to the right in mid air!"  Please - A button with the word "Menu" would be sensible, but I'm open to suggestions.  Make it customisable & then everyone can make a solution which works for them.

Looking forward to getting my old colours back too!  The new ones are wildly harsh on the eyes & have destroyed my corporate colour customisations which I had previously.