Massive Lag when using ScreenConnect from a Mac to a Windows PC

shagedorn 2 years ago updated by Eric Davis 2 years ago 2

I've tested on 3 Macs (Macmini7,1, MacBook Pro 13 Early 2011, and Macbook Air 2014) all running OS X (10.95 - 10.15) .  We are experiencing massive lag when connecting into Windows PCs.  For example, when just moving windows around the screen sometimes it won't move for 10 seconds or more.

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I confirm this behavior, on an older Mac running OS X 10.11, but the behavior is the same. This appeared to start after the most recent application update, before that it was fine, according to the user. User reports this version: 20.1.27036.7360


This should be fixed in 20.3.