Extension Editor malfunctioning after upgrading to v20.2

Simon 2 years ago updated by Eric Davis 2 years ago 4

The Extension Editor was working fine on the preview version (20.2.27296.7376). Today, I upgraded to the stable version (v20.2.27450.7387) and now the buttons at the top left "New", "Delete" and "Upload" aren't functioning. When I click on them, nothing happens.

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The Canary versions of v20.3 have the same bug.

I upgraded to v20.3.27497.7387 (Canary) and the issue is now fixed.

This is happening with other extensions too, including the report manager.


This should also be fixed with a newer version of the extension (we're currently on 1.1.106, but should work with 1.1.105+) on 20.2.

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