Blank Guest Monitor (Guest with multi-monitor setup) - Blanks Host monitor as well

ManuelGonzalez.IT 2 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 5 months ago 7

Like the title says. Blanking the guest monitor, blanks my monitor as well.

In this case for example its the guest is running W10 with a GeForce GT 740 and 3 monitors.

Anyone else having issues with multi-monitor setups?

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I've noticed this issue to be specifically happening for me when a monitor goes blank/sleeps but computer is still on. I can no longer control the screen. I'm not sure if it was a Windows update that has caused this or an update in CW Control or both.

This bug has been going on for 8+ months -- is it going to be resolved?? What are we supposed to keep telling our clients or end users?


I have the same issue with servers and workstations. On some of the devices I will get screen flicker, most times I will get a blank screen as well with the splash. Uninstall, reinstall doesn't work. 

We are having this issue only on 2 Windows 10 computers, I was researching for a fix and I reached here, even this post is 9 months old, we are running 20.11.1622.7619 version, I got that there is no solution or workaround when I checked in over chat (Ticket #14154912).

Each computer has 2 monitors

1- I tried to dig in and trying to fix the issue and I found that the issue is related to Display driver, Intel graphic, when I uninstalled the driver it worked. 

2-Digging more into the display driver I found out that after decreasing the resolution below 1280x960 for the HDMI monitor, Blank Guest Monitor worked. However, they do flash to black quite a bit.

Still need a solution from @connectwise

Still no solution until now.

Is this bug under your consideration??




Hi Adam, 

This issue is currently being investigated by our SDT team. Apologies for the delay on this issue. We believe the issue is with Microsoft's magnification API, but we'll do what we can to remediate.