Blank Guest Monitor (Guest with multi-monitor setup) - Blanks Host monitor as well

ManuelGonzalez.IT 1 year ago updated by AdamA 5 months ago 5

Like the title says. Blanking the guest monitor, blanks my monitor as well.

In this case for example its the guest is running W10 with a GeForce GT 740 and 3 monitors.

Anyone else having issues with multi-monitor setups?

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I've noticed this issue to be specifically happening for me when a monitor goes blank/sleeps but computer is still on. I can no longer control the screen. I'm not sure if it was a Windows update that has caused this or an update in CW Control or both.

This bug has been going on for 8+ months -- is it going to be resolved?? What are we supposed to keep telling our clients or end users?


I have the same issue with servers and workstations. On some of the devices I will get screen flicker, most times I will get a blank screen as well with the splash. Uninstall, reinstall doesn't work. 

We are having this issue only on 2 Windows 10 computers, I was researching for a fix and I reached here, even this post is 9 months old, we are running 20.11.1622.7619 version, I got that there is no solution or workaround when I checked in over chat (Ticket #14154912).

Each computer has 2 monitors

1- I tried to dig in and trying to fix the issue and I found that the issue is related to Display driver, Intel graphic, when I uninstalled the driver it worked. 

2-Digging more into the display driver I found out that after decreasing the resolution below 1280x960 for the HDMI monitor, Blank Guest Monitor worked. However, they do flash to black quite a bit.

Still need a solution from @connectwise