Host connections aren't disconnecting after upgrading to 20.1.27036.7360

Zachary 1 year ago updated by Zack ⚾️ 1 year ago 13

i just upgraded on my on premises Control server to 20.1.27036.7360 last night. This AM I was dialing into a few clients machines and was having issues when I would disconnect the server was showing I was still connected (technician). 

I was able to go into Admin-->Security-->Revoke Host Session Connections in order to continue my work. but then I disconnected from the last machine again and AGAIN it hung holding onto that session. Eventually it timed out, maybe 10-15 minutes? But I have three licenses so twice I had to revoke the host sessions to continue working because it wasn't dropping them. Just seems like a bug in the new version?

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Cloud Instances (2 different instances)

I can report the same problem and I have the video to prove it.  In my case, I have two (2) licenses and they don't release.  Even the forcing disconnect does not work.

As I mentioned, I have a detailed video showing the problem across two different instances, multiple systems, three different networks.

The only things in come are that I setup the instances and it's ScreenConnect.  Don't think it's me.  

I can provide you with the link to the video so you can see the detailed testing.  I can't make the video public as it contains information that needs to remain NON-PUBLIC.  

I also believe you will find the link in the ticket I created.  However, if you need to video link, just let me know.  

I look forward to hearing from you.  




It happened to me too! I've a cloud instance as well.

Does "planned" mean it's something that's going to actually get looked into now?

This is a major time waster for me and very frustrating. Please fix in next release.

Been having this problem for a while as well.  VERY frustrating and a time waster!

Sadly, this seems to be getting worse.  Today, took well over 5 or more minutes for the session to disconnect.  Even supposedly "forcing" the disconnect does not work.  ScreenConnect is going to disconnect when it good and well feels like it.  I believe I was told it was going to be fixed but then again...

Same here, sometimes takes 30 seconds to disconnect, other times 3-5 minutes. Very annoying if you have limited sessions available. 

Is this still happening for anybody on 20.5+? I only have one debug partner, and I haven't heard back from them in a while.

(If you're willing to help debug, I'd prefer cloud instances, but any reliable repro case will do.)

yep, still happening on 20.5.28493.7445

Not only does this continue to happen.  It is getting worse.  And there seems to be NO activity from the DEV team except to say that it is "Started".  

I think we can all agree that these things can take some time to fix.  But 4 months (and really more).  Seemingly, the ONLY solution now is to add additional licenses to "avoid" the problem.  

Eric, you say that you have not heard from ANYONE but if you were to look in my emails, you will clear see my offer to help and debug this.  It happens to me ON A DAILY BASIS if not hourly.  

You have both my email address and phone number.  Let's talk.  Check out Ticket #13175222, 13407224

It's pretty clear that either their Dev team has no clue why this is happening or just don't care. CW is leaving a lot to be desire lately....and I think it's time to start looking elsewhere. I'd rather give my money to someone that appreciates customers.