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Guest Client starter not able to start and reinstall extension

Klaus 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 11

Since my on-prem-update to 19.x in november we are not able to start connections via the guest client starter. As it turned out all supportsessions pointed at a wrong extension (ScreenConnector) not the Guest Client starter.

I tried to uninstall and wanted to uninstall the extension but where is it gone? Can't find it on Marketplace anymore. Please help, thanks

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No change in v20.1 - can't find the Guest Client starter - where has it gone?

Hi Klaus, 

Are you talking about the Guest Session Starter extension? It's still available on the marketplace. 

Oh okay - what can I do if I'm not seeing it?

Hi Klaus -- you should see it, there's no restriction. Make sure you're looking for Guest Session Starter, not Guest Client Starter. 

Okay - it was installed. Installed it again but still now "Download Desktop Client" on Frontend under "Extras" where it has been. There is just the Installation for the always-on-access-clien but not the Client where Users can put in their Session name and hit start (Not the Webpage-one, the exe!) What can I try?

That sounds like the Screenconnector extension - give that one a try?

As I already wrote in my Post - its NOT ScreenConnctor - it is (from the description) "This downloadable utility allows quick launching of sessions from your Windows taskbar." It is for me to launch sessions with my customer not for my customer to start a session!

Hi Klaus, sorry for the confusion. I believe you're talking about the Guest Full Installer Builder, which is in the extension marketplace. I just double checked and we haven't de-listed any CW labs extensions, so they should all be available in the marketplace.

Thats also not the one I mean - thats to build an Access-Installer that stays after installed. I mean an .exe that you put on the desktop of the client. When client launches it he's asked "Enter your name". He enters it and the session starts - like you do with the Guest Session Starter but with an exe already built on you desktop and not with a download on the webpage. 

Here you can download it to get a view of what I mean but this doesn't work any more: When you want to klick join nothing happens. https://srv3.at/owncloud/index.php/s/vE6nxzym1WtO53b


It sounds like Klaus is talking about the "Guest Session Starter .exe" extension, which has been deprecated and removed from the Extension Marketplace.

The "Guest Session Starter" extension, which doesn't have the ".exe" at the end of its name, is indeed available in the Extension Marketplace as Caitlin mentioned, but this doesn't use a desktop application, so it's quite different.

When the "Guest Session Starter.exe" extension was deprecated two years ago, the ConnectWise Control team introduced the "SOS Deployer" extension to replace it.

You should try that one out, Klaus. It too uses a desktop application, though there are some differences as you'll notice.

Hi Simon - thats the point! Thanks for this hint, its not exyctly what it was but its a good alternative. Even if we have to replace all already rolled out Desktop-Connections with the new exe its better than have nothing. Thanks very much!