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When using Automate, control takes a long time to load on new laptops.

cgaynor 2 years ago 0

We purchased new HP Elitebook 745 G6 laptops as new technician laptops. Equipped as folows:

Windows 10 Pro 1903

AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 3700U w/ Radeon Vega Mobile GFx 2300MHz 4 core 8 thread

16GB DDR4 memory

512GB M.2 Samsung SSD

Issue happens when using Automate.  Does not happen when using Web based control center. 

When trying to use Control, ScreenConnect takes an excessive amount of time for the ClickOnce app to install and load.  Can take over 75 seconds. Old machines took less than 15 seconds on Core i7 processors.  Old laptops HP Elitebook  Revolve 810 G3.  

Traced issue to possible driver issue with GFX driver.  Uninstalled driver for adapter and tried using Microsoft.  Install issue is no longer present, but connection still takes over 30 sec. 

I understand that this is a first world issue, but when you are used to being able to go between client machines in seconds that extra time is excruciating.  Especially when you are on the phone with a client you are billing.

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