IP address update trigger

Codeman 2 years ago updated by Eric Davis 2 years ago 2

I have figured out why the trigger does not work. OldSession.GuestNetworkAddress is returning the same IP address as Session.GuestNetworkAddress. I did found the out by putting {OldSession.GuestNetworkAddress} and {Session.GuestNetworkAddress} in the body of the email for when the trigger happens. I then just put Event.EventType ='ModifiedGuestInfo' as the trigger. To make the trigger execute, I have my laptop on a session and I just switch from local wifi to a hotspot. The result is that both OLD and New contain that same IP. 

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So I did figure out the below trigger does work using the 'Connected' event but I am not sure if the 'Connected' event will give me the same results every time.

Event.EventType = 'Connected' AND (OldSession.GuestNetworkAddress <> Session.GuestNetworkAddress)