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session capture processor broken.

Andrew@cure 2 years ago 0

The session capture processor fails to download useful audit videos. For getting audit videos from my team's work, this extension has proved useful to me, as it requires the least amount of attention. I download all of our videos for reference, so getting them 1 at a time from the audit page is not ideal.


  1. download latest version of "sessions capture processor" from extensions store
  2. Start program,fill out the date range and username/pw, and select download destination (local was used) also "note that no 2fa is enabled on this username from inside of Cw control admin config"
  3. check the box for "transcode after download"
  4. select 1 or any number of videos from the available audit videos in your date range. 
  5. click "download selected captures"
  6. Find the program completes quickly with "finished downloading * captures. 
  7. the videos are all small in size. usually 100-200 kb in size and length of video is 0:00
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