Session Window opens tiny on 4K Monitor

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Since upgrade to 19.5 when i open a client session the session Window is tiny and i have to resize it larger to make it usable.  When i close the session and re-open it opens tiny again, it does this no matter what computer i click on and start a session.  Nothing has changed on my computer.  Wasn't doing this before upgrade to 19.5

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Had the same problem after we upgraded to 19.5 but my co-workers did not experience this issue.  I was able to resolve it by removing Connectwise from my machine. Reboot. Then reinstall and it is opening as normal prior the upgrade.  YMMV.

I did that and it worked for a few days.  Then i used Remote Desktop to connect to my Desktop which has the 4K (and 2K) screens.  I used Remote Desktop from my laptop instead of ConnectWise because it's unusable going from a laptop which is HD (1920 x1080) to my Desktop which is 4K and 2K.  Remote Desktop will at least resize my monitor screen so i can see what i am doing.  When i went back to use my Desktop (not RDP, sitting at my Desktop) and went to use ConnectWise sure enough the resize problem had come back.  So if my only solution is i have to uninstall/reinstall everytime that isn't a solution and this wasn't a problem before 19.5.  To add insult to injury the 19.5 claims to make using and resizing ConnectWise Session Windows easier by it remembering the window placement which it does not

To YMMV though thank you for help.

So looking at 19.6 i see this among other fixes

"Bug, Host Client,  Host client opens as small square"

and this

"Bug,  .NET Client, Host Client,  Opening monitor in different window doesn't size it correctly"

That sounds familiar, and i see other fixes related to Windows Size/Location so there are obvious problems with 19.5

I wonder if i can upgrade to 19.6 early it can't be worse.  If i sound bitter it's because starting with 19.4 and now 19.5 i have multiple problems on both of my laptop and Desktop.

ok update i open guest client is mini tiny on left corner after resize if wait the guest open no close wait 1 to 5 minute the systeme record new size of widnows and location now after this time i close the guest and re-open and is ok

now the probleme on my 1200 guest is not set one by one is a joke!

no bug return after elapse time the bug return i connect to guest and mini tiny windows appeards and no fun to working! 

is no stable version another bug 19.6.26378.7317 on login on guest screen windows 10 freeze no refresh i disconnect and reconnect and refresh after no very fun! 

and the mini windows tiny in start guest is very no fun!

please fix it!

same problem tiny open guest resize always time after time

please fix!

Welp, the problem has returned.  We did just move the server to AWS so I'm going to try uninstall, reboot and reinstall as I did 3 weeks ago.  Fingers crossed.

same issue here, i mainly use screenconnector and it happens randomly. running version 19.6.26378.7317, i didn't have this issue on 19.4

We're also seeing this issue for employees at our company. Wasn't an issue on 19.4. It's even a problem on 1080P screens, the console window is just much smaller than it used to be and has to be manually resized each time. 

Having this same issue, confirmed with support in Ticket #12816060, running the latest 19.6.

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Same issue here. Updated to 19.6 and still doing it on most workstations I control. I can resize, close, re-open and it's small again. Opening support ticket now. Happening to all users at our company except the Mac guy. 


The client saves its form configuration 10 seconds after every resize, so if you minimize it for that long, and then close it (before it can save a non-minimized configuration), it will be small the next time you open it. (The zoom is saved as 0.)

The fix is currently slated for 20.3.

Running a 4k laptop with (2) 2k monitors. Connectwise Control "wrapper" has LARGE icons and text, but desktop I'm controlling resolution looks good. Something needs to change the scaling of the toolbars when moving between a 4k screen and 2k screen.


This is fixed in 20.3, but I recommend waiting for the next stable build as we've identified bugs in the last release. (Currently testing fixes for these, so it should be available soon.)

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