toolbox not sending tool to session without restarting service

mhighsmith 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 7

tools from the toolbox are stuck in the "sending" status until you restart the service. then they work fine. but this scenario happens again on the same system. 

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it seems as the tool will fail when you first connect. then you run a tool and it times out. it will run the second time.


This issue is still happening even on version 19.6.26378

we use the toolbox daily, over 1600 endpoints with control installed

its hit/miss on what wkstns the toolbox items will or wont work on

please fix this!



I am still seeing the issue and now on version 20.1. It seems to be the first tool box item we select and it is not always going to happen. happens with BAT, VBS, EXE, SCAPP and so on.

I have heard that restarting the service fixes it, for the time being if you are in a pinch and need to run from the toolbox. luckily I have everything we store in the toolbox on my local machine as well with matching folder structure so if I am stuck I cancel and "send file" instead. Still, annoying and it breaks the workflow in a high volume environment

you can also see the issue in the android app. you try to load the toolbox and just the toolbox "word" shows up. you close that and then the toolbox will fully open.