19.5 Dark Theme Text Colour Transferred to Home Page

FAB-ITRescue 2 years ago updated by Eric Davis 2 years ago 3

The "light" text colour used in the Dark Theme whilst fine for Administration is also used for the dropdown of Published Sessions on the Home Page.  Since this is on a white background - this is inappropriate.

Temporary Work around is to use a Solid Theme, but this has a White background on the administration side which is not desired.

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I noticed today that if I use a dark background theme, and a client goes to my URL to type in a code to join session, the code itself is too light and cannot easily be seen.  The client doesn't usually think it is typing a code at all (if you look hard you can see it, but is very light as if contrast is off).  If I change to a white background theme, issue is not there.  I can use SolidWithBlue theme fine, but if I change to DarkWithBlue, the issue is there when typing in code to join.  I am using ConnectWise Control version 19.5.26030.7282 on a Windows 10 64-bit, build 1909.  And yes, same issue is there on multiple systems and browsers.


OK so you have understood & duplicated the problem.

Looks like this should be a simple resolution now that the fault can be replicated reliably.

Looking forward to receiving confirmation of resolution.