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Control launches off screen

Dan Belam 2 years ago updated by Charlie Hall 2 weeks ago 23

I'm a laptop user, and often use a second monitor. Control launches onto the second monitor fine. When I unplug my second monitor, and just use laptop screen, some sessions launch beyond the display size of my laptop, ie where a second screen would be, and you cannot get to the window to move back onto the single laptop screen.

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Hi Cee, thanks for contacting us. Kindly tell us what version are you on?

Meanwhile, you can fix the issue by deleting the user config c:\ProgramData\ScreenConnect Client (xxx)\user.config

I started having this issue after moving from 19.4 to 19.6

Is there a work around for this issue?


You can quickly fix this by deleting or renaming c:\ProgramData\ScreenConnect Client (xxx)\user.config

Had the same problem and I knew the last monitor dimensions were stored somewhere.

I'm having the same issue. If the control window was on my secondary monitor last time it was closed, when I'm using the laptop away from the docking station, it opens the control window offscreen and the usual Shift+Windows+Arrow keys won't work.

On windows 10 I find that if you hover over the taskbar icon you get the small preview screen, you can then right click on it and choose Move to move the active window with the arrow keys back to your laptop screen. Hope that helps.

Is there not a fix for this after 7 months?

Hi Mike B., 

What version are you on? Looks like this was potentially fixed in a 20.1 release. 

I also wanted to comment that I don't think I have had this issue since moving to v20.2 earlier this year. When this happens now the screen appears on my main display, but will be really small and I just have to resize it.

I am experiencing this issue as well. It's a real bugger...


Hi Cee, thanks for contacting us. Kindly tell us what version are you on?

Meanwhile, you can fix the issue by deleting the user config c:\ProgramData\ScreenConnect Client (xxx)\user.config


FYI - I had this issue today. I was able to resolve it by deleting user.config from: 


Hope this helps for other users in the future. For reference this is for ScreenConnect that is installed via Automate. Still would appreciate if I didn't have to spend an hour figuring this out in the first place though. 

Always happens when I dock and then go out in the field. Super annoying!

Still happening 21.3


Any chance we can get a fix to this Problem instead of a workaround? According to reports, its been more than a year...seriously wtf  ???

to follow up we were not able to immediately replicate this issue.  However, after further investigation the issue has been replicated and sent to the development team to address.

I don't have an exact ETA on when a fix will be found and implemented, but we are working towards it.


This is a very annoying issue that has been happening for years now.

Super annoying but the deleting of user.config in the AppData location is a workaround.

CWise has definitely documented another solution to this issue somewhere, but not only can I not find it (again) BUT the online support chat person is also clueless (which also means no one around him knew, either).  Here's what worked for me.

1. Hold the Shift and Ctrl keys and right-click on the taskbar icon for your Connectwise Control session.

2.  Select "Maximize" from the popup window.

That restored my session to my single-screen laptop. I hope this helps.


You have to delete the related user.config file: %localappdata%\Apps\2.0\*ID*\*ID*\scre..tion_*blahblah*\user.config

Maximizing does get it to come back but if you go back to standard size, it just goes back to being offscreen. 

Not sure why  (I'm running Win10Pro) but even with Protected OS Files exposed, don't see an "Apps" folder under %localappdata%.  Am I just missing it?

I DO see the config file at c:\ProgramData\ScreenConnect Client (xxx)\user.config. Renaming or deleting it works, but it's irritating that we have to, IMHO. 


100% agreed. You may have a different configuration but its the same principal.