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window opens on non-existent monitor

Timbo 2 years ago updated by Bmuss 4 months ago 13

Service Ticket#12752569

is the client is setting the custom location on the first launch, and not actually updating it on subsequent launches even if it's changed

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I can confirm this behavior. Running 19.5.25928.7264 on Windows 7, if I have client window on external monitor and exit program, I cannot view client window if I re-launch with external monitor disconnected.

I can also confirm. Running 19.5.26030.7282 on Windows 10 1909. I have a laptop and use dual monitors in the office and just the laptop screen when I'm out of the office, so this becomes an issue out of the office, as ConnectWise Control becomes basically unusable until I have a 2nd monitor

I too am having the same problem (Win10/1903), which started with update version 19.5.26030.7282 and continues with version 19.5.26194.7292. Uninstalling and reinstalling ConnectWise Control did not fix the problem. It's as if ConnectWise is remembering that I moved a session to the right monitor when docked and tries to open it again on that monitor even though it is not connected.  I have checked display settings when not docked and verified Windows does not see external monitors.  This is a real problem that limits my efficiency when working off dock. 

I did some testing, and it does appear that if I open all my sessions on the left external monitor, things work fine when the laptop is not docked.  But if I open any on the right external monitor, then the I have problems when not docked.  The software is remembering what monitor the session was last opened on. 


I can also confirm. Running 19.5.26194.7292 on Windows 10 1909. I have a laptop and use dual monitors in the office and just the laptop screen when I'm out of the office, so this becomes a major issue out of the office, as ConnectWise Control becomes unusable outside the office and I work outside the office frequently. I have found that reinstalling the CC host on my machine will fix the issue but I can't be expected to reinstall CC every time I leave the office.

A workaround is to hold SHIFT + Right click the Control icon on the task bar, hit Maximize.  It will maximize it on your current display instead of your phantom monitor.  Then you can drag it wherever.

I've been using the Maximize option, but still makes multitasking difficult. 


I just had a chat session with support asking if there is a way to disable this new feature of remembering the last screen position and I'm told there isn't.  If the developers are reading this, please give the user a means of choosing whether this feature should be enabled.  For some users, I can see this as being a nice feature, but in my work of connecting to potentially hundreds of hosts and having multiple sessions going across multiple monitors, I find this new feature to be a nuisance. 

Yes!  We definitely need a way to disable this new feature.  It is definitely a major nuisance!

Wow, this is 6/29/2021 and the issue has still not been resolved.

Waiting for information

Hi Keith,

This has been fixed already. Please make sure you are on the latest version and then test and confirm.


We are experiencing this same issue ver: 21.6.3172.7787

It is not widespread. Current workaround is shift+right click > move on the taskbar icon. The screenconnect session opens on a nonexistent monitor. We have rebooted, tried multiple browsers + incognito, tried multiple machines but the issue persists.