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Guest Mac showing cursor, desktop background, and menu bar, but no windows

Phil G 2 years ago updated by Simon 2 years ago 6

When logging into a mac, I am able to see the cursor moving, menu bar, and desktop background, but I can't see the actual windows that are open.  After the user enables connectwise under the accessibility options I can control the cursor and click on items in the menu bar, but still can't see windows or the doc.  This does not affect all Macs.  Have accessed 10+ year old macs and brand new macs without this occurring.  

We're on v6.3.13446.6374

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I am experiencing the same issue on two Macs that we support.

Same issue

Model: Apple Inc. MacBookAir7,2

Host OS: Mac OS X (10.15.4)

Control Client Version: 20.2.27450.7387

Tried the answer from this link: https://control.product.connectwise.com/communities/6/topics/1054-osx-black-screen-unable-to-view-or-control

Also made sure to follow the steps here: https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Get_started/Remote_access_guide/Control_a_macOS_Mojave_session

Video file attached (sorry for the vlc controls)     Control Issue

I had the same issue with a MacBook (but not with an iMac). In my case, it was caused by the MacBook's screen being closed and in sleep mode. Now I keep it always open.

Just as a response to this, the laptop was open and had an active user on it. They could use it as normal, but I saw nothing.


Wow — that's one serious issue. Luckily I haven't encountered that yet myself. I hope it gets fixed soon!

It is an issue (and has been for a long time) with any Mac without a display attached unfortunately. I have to keep a dummy HDMI adaptor connected to my headless Macmini to use Screenconnect with it.