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When hosting a meeting, Mic turns off when talking

Kent 2 years ago 0

We are hosing a 'Meeting' (webinar) and have set up a 'Group Meeting' for the remote recipients to connect to and view / listen to the presentation.

We have set all microphones to 'Silent' - then just turn on the presenters mic.

The problem is the microphone keeps turning off mid sentence all the time - I suspect when the presenter takes a breath or brief pause to gather thoughts.

For the listeners - they get silence - and then miss the start of what the presenter says next.  Sometimes there is a loud click (suspect due to the mic turning on / off).

Would like a way to increase the silence time before turning the mic off.  Currently it turns off almost immediately - which makes this scenario difficult.    Understand doing this for 'guests' - but for the 'Host' would be good if the microphone remained on longer  (to allow for brief pauses)  or even an option to 'stay on always' for this scenario.

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