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Invisible background on contextual menus after connection to client v19.4.25759.7247

Leo 2 years ago updated by Paulo Parent 2 years ago 9

After connection from Chrome VERY annoying issue started to happen. Client's windows top menus background disappear AND some Windows 10 (1903 build) menus affected, only log out from OS user session fixes it.  
PLEASE fix it asap.

ConnectWise Control Version:
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Same problem with Windows 1909. This bug makes ConnectWise Control On-Premise practically unusable. Same problem with all my host computer and with any internet browser. Same problem with all extensions disabled.

Could anyone include a screenshot? I haven't seen anything like this in my testing yet.

I can't have a screenshot because when I use PrintScrn the transparency contextual menu become visible. On the remote computer, the contextual menu reapear if I move the cursor.

It's random. But when I encounter it next time I will take photo of the LCD. 

Hi. I install Greeshot capture tool to bypass Microsoft snipping tool and my transparent contextual menu problem seem to disappear. Please, try this and give me a feedback if this trick resolve your problem.


Read Greenshot, not Greeshot. Sorry.

Today was VERY bad even client got those transparent windows. Makes me wish to switch this product.
When can we expect this to be fixed??? Tomorrow I will be calling support as well.

The problem has reappeared today but is less common. :(