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ConnectWise Control update blocked by Antivirus

CedricS 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 7

We use CylanceProtect as our antivirus and we can not update to the latest version of ConnectWise Control Client Version: 19.4.25699.7240 on Windows 10. The update worked fine for my Mac users. The first update try it caused all of my users to go offline and I could not connect to them unless they rebooted. I added the file to the safe list in Cylance and tried the update again and it will not update. At this rate of issues, I cannot afford to use this software as I cannot support my employees.

ConnectWise Control Version:
Server Affected:
Host Client Affected:
Guest Client Affected:

Hi CedricS, 

Do you have any of the reports/errors from Cylance? Is it just the windowsclient.exe that is giving you problems? I can try to reach out to Cylance about marking us as trusted (again), but need additional info. Thanks! 

Thanks! I've submitted a case with Cylance. 

This is has caused a disconnection issue with many of my PC users that are not local admins so I cannot reinstall the software and they live in different states. So, needless to say, I cannot support them. :(

Still working with Cylance to get this resolved. They're Threat Guidance team is reviewing. 

Hi Cedric, 

According to Cylance this file has been classified as Trusted Local. Are you still having problems with Cylance blocking the screenconnect.clientservice.exe?

Nope, I added it to my whitelist in the portal and had to work with my users to get it reinstalled. Thanks