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blank screen on connect

adam.connor 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

I have verified that this is not the same as this bug



try to connect to an unattended client, results in black screen with a white rectangle in the middle and the text 'Connected'

However this text is lying, there's nothing you can do to make the connection work.

I was able to fix this on one machine by logging in with VNC, then dragging the app from /opt into the 

System Preferences/ Security/ Privacy/ Accessibility

'allow' panel

*I also rebooted the machine, not sure if that is important.

*reinstalling from the Control admin interface does not fix this

*I have not tried an uninstall & reinstall

This indicates that something is different enough between the v19.2 clients and the v19.4 clients to cause Apple's security to vomit and disallow it. I upgraded directly from v19.2 to v19.4 on Centos

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Server Affected:
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Guest Client Affected:

working on a second machine with the same issue I found the following-

- had remotely rebooted several times with no effect

- machine had a manual IP address set (probably not relevant)

- logged into a working machine on the same network with CWC, then used VNC to get to the non working machine

- it appeared to have a user logged in whose password I don't have

- logged in with my admin credentials 

and sometime around that point the Control software became active again and I was able to log in using CWC- no other changes were made

Rebooted the machine and I was still able to log in. Weird.


ok I have a workaround for this. 

The solution is not to re add the app to the security system preferences 

The problem is that I had set 2 things to happen when I log on to an unattended session

- blank guest monitor

- acquire wake lock

I've turned off both of these and things are working ok.
I suspect that this bug is related to this one-


and I suspect if one was fixed the other would be ok- I'd concentrate on the other one as it is probably causing this one.